Turmeric Powder

Conventional turmeric cultivation uses varieties of toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. For instance, the seed material (rhizomes) is first treated by farmers with fungicides and pesticides (copper oxychloride, dithane M-45, Bavistin).

Turmeric powder sold in the market is further adulterated with starch powder or sawdust dyed yellow with coal for dyes (including metanil yellow) or with lead chromate which is cheaply available. Lead poisoning can cause or worsen anemia, abdominal pain, neurological problems, kidney damage, hypertension and foetal distress.

Rhizomes of turmeric s boiled for about half an hour until the bubbles come out, and then it is drained which is then dried for about 2 weeks. They now become dry and hard. The dry turmeric is then cleaned and polished mechanically in a drum rotated by hand to make what we know as turmeric powder.

Medicinal Benefits :

Turmeric Powder heals many health disorders like liver problems, digestive disorders, skin diseases, wounds, bacterial infection, and eye disorder. Turmeric has long been used in Medicinal as an anti-inflammatory.