Our body works in a very balanced environment, and it is designed to maintain a very precise balance of pH. All the enzymes and fluids which surround the cells are very sensitive to an imbalance of pH levels. To maintain that balance our body produces acid-base buffer. In case the fluids and enzymes become too acidic then these buffers neutralizes it and lowers the acidity. It does the opposite thing when the fluids become too alkaline. Maintaining the balance of the fluids and enzymes in our body is necessary for a number of reasons.

The first reason is that our blood carries the most amount of oxygen at a pH of around 7.4. When the pH falls under this value, the blood starts carrying lesser amounts of oxygen. Thus, it is necessary to maintain the pH balance to enable the blood to supply adequate oxygen to the entire body.

Diseases in our body caused by bacteria or fungi occur due to the acidic environment that our body provides. If the pH of our body becomes too acidic then various kinds of bacteria, viruses, molds or fungi, will thrive and give rise to a number of diseases. The delicate balance helps the body fight against these diseases, and thus this pH balance is rightly called the first line of defense of our body.

In case our body becomes acidic, to protect itself the body would be storing the acid within fat cells. If it did not do this, then the acid would eat away and dissolve the tissues of the body. Thus, this pH balance is important to alert the body when the fluids and enzymes in our body become too acidic so that the body can fire up its defense mechanism. However, this defense mechanism can cause an increase in weight if the balance keeps on deteriorating. Moreover, when the condition improves, and the levels are balanced, then the body will lose all of the stored fats.

Calcium is one of the most important components in our body since it builds up the bones. If the body becomes acidic, then it will deplete the levels of calcium from the body. This will make the body remove calcium from the teeth and bones to compensate for the loss. Moreover, this will result in weaker teeth and bones. To prevent this, pH balance is required.

Maintaining the pH balance of the body is important since an imbalance in its level can give rise to a host of problems. One can maintain a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle to make sure that the pH of the body is not disturbed.

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