The water that we consume from either the mineral water bottles or from the RO filter has Ph levels less than 7, which indicates that it is acidic. The acidic water is the reason for many disease conditions like gastric trouble, osteoporosis and in the long term cancers etc.

The natural water filter from Prakruthivanam is designed by its founder Mr. Prasad (popularly known as Prakruthivanam prasad) after researching for about four years. The water from this filter is highly alkaline with lots of minerals.

This water filter adds minerals from natural resources. It maintains TDS (total dissolved solids), adds natural calcium and alkalinity through wood charcoal, lime stone, river sand, earthen brick pieces and pebbles.

Making of the filter

The water filter body is made of stainless steel 316 (SS316), which is better than food grade material and is corrosion resistant.

The layers of river sand, pebbles, lime stone, earthen brick pieces, wood charcoal is separated by polypropylene food grade cloth.

Instructions to use

Step 1 : Pour water from a normal filtered water into Prakruthivanam water filter.

It takes about six hours for the water to seep through all the natural layers and available to collect from a tap.

Step 2 : Collect water from the water filter tap and pour it into a earthen pot with a copper plate inserted into the pot. The copper plate is supplied along with the water filter.

The water in the clay pot needs to be kept for another five hours. The copper plate will eliminate any residual chemicals or impurities in the water.

Step 3: Drink high quality structured alkaline water with lots of minerals from the clay pot.

The ideal daily routine would be to start Step 1 above in the afternoon and Step 2 above before sleep. So that water is ready to be consumed in the morning for the entire day.


The water filter itself do not need any maintenance. However, the copper plate needs to be cleaned daily with either tamarind or lemon peals to remove any oxidation or chemical residues in it.

When bought newly, drain off the entire water for the first time and refill.

Testing of Water :

Test 1 : Testing water for Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

The TDS for a good quality water for human consumption should be between 100 to 200. The water that comes out of Prakruthivanam water filter measures a TDS of around 190.

Ironically, the TDS of water from RO water or mineral water bottle measures around 40 to 50, meaning it doesn’t have any minerals in it.

The TDS meter can be purchased from any online portal like amazon.

Test 2 : This tests the Ph level of the water. If the Ph level is less than 7, it is considered to be acidic. If the Ph level is more than 7, it is considered to be alkaline.

The universal indicator liquid or litmus test paper can be bought from any online portal like Amazon.

When this test is conducted on the water from Prakruthivanam water filter, the colour turns into blue, which is an indication that the water is alkaline in nature.

The same test conducted on RO water will turn the colour into yellow. And when the test is conducted on any carbonated drinks available in the market, the liquid turns into red in colour, which means it is highly acidic.

Summary :

Prakruthivanam water filter gives high quality structured alkaline water with lots of minerals to drink. Many diseases conditions can be avoided by drinking such water.

There are several electronic filters available in the market that promises alkaline water and are extremely costly in the range of few lakh rupees. Here is a filter that does it all naturally with natural ingredients and available at a reasonable price.

You can purchase either online or walking to our stores in HSR Layout, Bangalore or Bellary.