Free Range Eggs

Free range eggs are a complete powerhouse of food, rich in various nutrients like protein, fats, omega 3, and lots more. But do you know if the egg you’re consuming is healthy in itself or not ?

Commercial eggs

Commercial eggs come from hens confined indoors. The owner of the farm doesn’t allow them to roam freely, and makes them live in a cage for their entire life and feeds them with various hormones, antibiotics for the better yield.

Eggs found at the grocery store are laid by caged chickens confined indoors and fed an unnatural diet of corn, soy and cottonseed.

Free Range eggs

These farm owners let the hens to roam freely, live outdoors with plenty of fresh air, sunshine and open space to roam in and to lead a healthier lifestyle. Their diet does not contain any antibiotics, preservatives, growth promoters, hormones or any such substances which is not natural.

These hens give healthier eggs, packed with dense nutrition.

Naturally raised chickens have access to pastures where they can forage for their own food. Free-range hens enjoy eating green plants, fruits, insects and worms.

Chickens are not vegetarians and are healthier when they can eat a natural diet. Choosing eggs from naturally raised chickens is also a more ethical and environmental choice.

Visit local farms market, interact with the farmers and find out yourself how the chickens are raised before buying eggs.

Moreover, the eggs raised by chickens in free range farms are better in terms of nutrition like omega 3, vitamin E, vitamin D and some other micronutrients along with decreased contamination risk.

Further, there is a huge difference in the taste that these free range eggs have to offer. The free range egg’s yolk looks slightly deeper yellow in colour and are also more flavourful.

The eco store brings you best quality free range eggs, raised in the best feasible manner to promote better health for both the humans and the chickens too.

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