Natural Dish Washing Soap

Have you noticed a tiny residue of soap on the surface of a seemingly clean plate in your dish washing machine? You scrap it with a towel. It doesn’t go away. Most of us just ignore it and serve food on it anyway.

Commercial dish washing products

The market has a wide variety of dish washing liquids & soaps, most of which bear the promise to clean the utensils in a single swipe, while leaving a pleasant fragrance. But some basic ingredients remain common. And these are the active agents required to clean the stubborn food residue from the plates and cutlery.

  • Triclosan is an anti-bacterial and antifungal agent used in many dishwashers. USA banned it for its harms.
  • Most dish washing soaps use Sodium laureth sulfate (SLS). This can lead to rashes and allergies
  • Disodium EDTA is a foaming agent which is known to disturb the skin when absorbed in heavy quantities.
  • Phosphates, commonly in dish washing gels, although found in nature, but can disrupt an ecosystem when introduced in concentrated form.
  • FSSAI has forbidden the use of Formaldehyde in order to preserve fish, since it is a well renowned carcinogen.

Natural dish washing products

We might be knowing all these facts, but yet we use the same products wishfully thinking that nothing can happen to us probably under the influence of several colourful Ad’s that we see on the TV and elsewhere.

If we seriously think about it, this is more dangerous than eating non organic food. Because the chemicals are directly going into our system when we eat something on that clean plate.

Jiddu Krishnamurthy a great philosopher says “If we can really understand the problem, the answer will come out of it”.

Do you see the seriousness of it? Try natural products to wash dishes at home. Use products that contain ingredients like soap nuts, sikakai, citrus, tamarind, wood ash which are safe to use. When it comes to cleaning effect, they are no less than the commercial soaps.

They come in different variants like natural dish wash soap, natural dish wash powder, natural dish washing liquid.

So, don’t panic when you see that small residue on your clean plate, the next time. Just wash it with plane water and your plate is ready to serve the yummy snacks.

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