Cold pressed oil

Cold pressed oils are produced by pressing the seeds at lower temperatures and without the use of harsh machineries. This is how oils were extracted during the olden days. Since no heat is applied and no chemicals are used, cold pressed oils are rich in nutrients and flavor.

Refined oils

Refined oils are what we see on the aisles of most of the super markets. They are produced in bulk using heavy machineries and chemicals. Lot of harmful catalysts are used to speed up the production process. The objective of companies producing these oils is to make them in bulk and distribute as many as possible at a lesser price and with a longer shelf life. Hence, they need the machineries and chemicals. But in this process, the end product will be devoid of all the nutrients and they even turn rancid. Using such oils is naturally harmful to the health of the customer.

To achieve longer shelf life refined oils are subjected to hydrogen artificially, which increases the level of trans fat in the oil and the nutritional properties are degenerated, even making it fatal for people with low tolerance levels.

Benefits of cold pressed oils

Coconut oil

Cold pressed coconut oil is extracted from the kernel or meat of matured coconuts. The extraction of this oil is done from heating coconut milk at a low temperature until the milk is evaporated. The end product has abundant omega-3-fatty acids which is healthy. This oil makes thyroid and endocrine systems healthy. It also helps in reducing weight.

Ground nut oil

Cold pressed ground nut oil is made from organically grown groundnuts, using the traditional ‘ghani’ method. It is low in saturated fats, free from cholesterol, contains essential fatty acid, high in vitamin-e making it one of the healthiest cooking oils.

Sesame oil

Cold pressed sesame oil is extracted from white sesame seeds. The seeds are crushed at low temperatures. The end product is a healthy and nutritious oil with a light and pleasant flavour.

Sesame oil is used as healing agent and is anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agent. It can be used in the treatment of diabetics, high blood pressure, and depression. It is also widely used for body massage.

Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is produced naturally, meaning that the oil is not made from any sort of chemical treatments. Olive oil is good for heart, regulating cholesterol levels and for skin issues.

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