Significance of Copper: 

As a metal, Copper is available in abundance in almost all parts of our planet. According to resources, a subsequent amount of copper is recommended for brain development and for the well being of the liver. Since the ancient times, people have craved their careers related to copper utensil manufacture and related jobs and it was a common practice to cook in copper utensils in ancient days.

People say that every traditional methods or rules were conceived out of some scientific ideas. So it is self explainable that the application of copper utensils also had a certain significance and advantages.

Reason behind less usage of Copper:

Nowadays, the usage of copper is limited and in case of kitchen utensils, it can be rarely spotted. With the discovery of new elements, copper is mainly replaced by steel in the arena of kitchen. Copper utensils are generally found in antique shops and also in some households as exceptional cases.

Benefits of using Copper utensils:

Copper is identified as one of the essential minerals for human body and ancient medicine trends such as Ayurveda recommends the application of copper vessels in order to store water. The metal form of copper possesses electromagnetic energy as mentioned in Ayurveda. Storing water in copper vessels for long duration is recommended as it helps to maintain the body’s pH balance by converting the water into its ionic form.

Some benefits of copper utensils for storing water are described below in details:

Antimicrobial property:

According to reports published in 2012, storing contaminated water in a copper utensil for more than 15 hours can actually help to reduce the microbial rate present in that water. Thus copper acts as a water purifier in an indirect manner.

Another experiment was carried out in a hospital backdrop, especially in an ICU where it was analyzed and proved that the presence of copper reduces the possibility of infection in such places by killing 97% of the harmful bacteria.

Weight loss:

Copper ensures easy digestion process in human body and also facilitates the breakdown of fat which gets incremented depending upon the consumption rate. A simpler way to reduce weight can be the usage of copper vessels in an increased frequency.

Anti-aging factor:

 One needs not to worry about their tendency of growing wrinkles or age marks as copper is the secret natural solution for aging. Copper ensures the provision of antioxidants as well as it assures the reduction of wrinkles by providing fresh cell growth.

Brain stimulant:

Copper helps in the effective functioning of brain. Now the question arises about how it does. Neurons are the structural and functional units of nervous system and the internal structure of neurons reveal about the presence of myelin sheaths. Copper ensures the proper synthesis of phospho-lipids which are an essential element of myelin sheaths.

Pain reliever:

Copper possesses anti-inflammation properties which helps in combating arthritis and other such diseases. It also contributes much to the immune system for strengthening of bones which makes it an ultimate remedy for rheumatoid arthritis.


This theory is not yet validated on practical grounds but it is believed by many physicians that copper possesses some anti-cancerous properties and it also reduces the negative effects of cancer to high extent. Although this theory is not yet verified.

While knowing the benefits, one should be well accustomed about the procedure to use it. Since copper oxidizes naturally, thus copper vessels need to be cleaned at least once on a daily basis preferably with a paste of salt and tamarind. Reviving good habits from the past can eradicate a lot of problems leading to healthy lifestyle.

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