Organic fruits are the new talk of the town and everyone is so curious about it. Despite being quite popular, very little research has been done on it. But every bit of evidence points to the fact that organically grown fruits are better than conventionally grown fruits. Some health benefits of having organic fruits are given below:

  • No added chemicals: Organic farming consists of using natural fertilizers. No artificial pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used. This ensures that there are no chemical residues left behind in the fruit. The chemical pesticides remain on the fruits and make way to our stomach and cause various diseases. Thus, in this matter, organic fruits are superior to the conventionally grown fruits.
  • Better taste: The absence of any chemical results in better tastes. The chemicals which are used during farming react with the natural nutrients in the fruits to decrease the quantity of the nutrients. Antioxidants present in a lot of fruits react with the pesticides and ammonia based chemical fertilizers, and form different compounds. And in organic farming, no artificial flavours or colourings are used. This results in an authentic flavour.
  • Immunity: To protect the fruits from pests and insects, insecticides and pesticides are used. To protect them from diseases, various antibiotics are injected into them. These chemicals stay in them as residues and finally go into our stomach. And when they enter our bloodstream they compromise our immune system. Organic fruits do not have chemical residues and hence better to our health.

Organic fruits are healthier than the conventionally grown fruits and this can be inferred from the fact that it is grown all naturally and natural substances are used. Going all organic may result in a slight increase in the monthly budget but it surely is beneficial in the long run.