Honey is one of the oldest sweeteners used in the food. It is rightly called the liquid gold due to its numerous health benefits. Honey is formed after a long and extensive process and by thousands of bees. Let’s see how it is made.

Honey is basically the vomit of bees. It may be a bit gross, but no one can deny the health benefits of honey. Bees consume the nectar of the flowers, and then they store it in their second stomach. After it is partially digested, they vomit it out for other bees to digest. After the entire process of digestion by a number of bees, it is stored in an area called the beehive. After storing it, the bees flap their wings to cool it down, and this causes the water to evaporate. This is why honey is so thick.

Honey has many health benefits. Pure and unprocessed honey contains a lot of antibacterial and antibacterial properties. The health benefits are mentioned below:

  • Treating wounds: Honey was being used for treating wounds and burns. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of honey helped in keeping the wounds clean and free of infections. It also helped in healing the wounds. However, due to the widespread use of penicillin, the use of honey slowly faded away. However, the medical uses of honey are returning, and scientists are starting to understand how honey can treat wounds. A special kind of honey named Manuka honey is known for its superior healing effect than any other variety of honey. This honey is only found in New Zealand. This honey is made from the Manuka bush which is a medicinal plant.
  • Effective against a cough: Honey protects the throat from getting irritated by forming a protective shield over the surface of the throat. It is also used in many medicines for cough and throat irritation.
  • Boosts energy: If you are looking for something that energizes you quickly and does not wear off immediately, then honey will get the job done. Honey can be consumed after a workout or for an athletic performance to give you the sudden energy boost. Athletes consume it since it provides an energy boost and keeps working for a long duration.
  • To reduce allergy symptoms: Honey contains pollen of the flowers, and when you consume it, those pollens enter your body. This causes your body to react, and over time it becomes immune to all these pollen related allergies. By consuming honey that has pollen in it one can control the symptoms of pollen allergy.

Honey contains mostly water and sugar. Fructose and glucose are the main components apart from all the probiotic sugars. Using honey as a replacement for sugar is probably a healthier choice and will do wonders in the long run.

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